r6 Security

We help growing businesses manage their cybersecurity.

We support small businesses and charities to understand the cybersecurity challenges in their own context and we provide effective solutions tailored to the specific sector and help protect your business and customers.

Welcome to r10 ARETEN, your reliable partner for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. In this era of digital transformation, security is not an option but an absolute necessity. Our mission is to provide a cybersecurity service that is simple to activate for real-time protection of your business.

Modern businesses face numerous cybersecurity challenges. Current cybersecurity solutions are often piecemeal, requiring complex knowledge to manage. Moreover, they are not targeted for small businesses that frequently use Microsoft O365 or Google Workspace. The pricing models of these solutions often exceed the budget of many smaller UK businesses.

Cyber Attacks

Data breaches, phishing, ransomware attacks, and various other cyber threats pose a continuous risk for businesses. The need for a comprehensive solution is more pressing than ever.

Our Solution

That’s where ARETEN comes in. We offer a comprehensive cybersecurity solution tailored to the needs and budgets of small businesses.

Phishing Protection

ARETEN provides robust email protection and promotes a culture of awareness among employees, reducing the risk of phishing attacks.

Ransomware Protection

With our unique device agent, we can detect and isolate infected systems, preventing the spread of ransomware throughout your network.

Data Loss Prevention

We connect to your data in the cloud and expose risks of intentional and accidental data loss, helping you protect your most valuable digital assets.

We manage backups for O365 and other commonly used services together with reviews of your security position with tools that help you have greater visibility of the cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities to your business.

We support a range of cybersecurity products and services from threat management to identify management and biometric solutions to safely access the applications needed for business.