r2 ServiceDesk

We can help you create a new helpdesk or service desk using the best open source platforms supported by great development teams to customise to your needs.

Small businesses and Charities benefit from being able to manage assets and service requests across the business and this needs a structured approach to managing service requests. Growing organisations require good help desk systems to manage the increased issues associated with change. If you have your own server environment then self-hosted solutions can be very cost-effective but if you do not have your own infrastructure you can use our hosted platform.

ARETEN is partnering with the best people to deliver excellent service desk and helpdesk solutions for growing organisations.

ARETEN SaaS service for service desk on AWS is available for small businesses or charities to use as a service.

We have also been working to develop a knowledge base and populate that knowledge base with specific security resources. The goal is to tailor the support knowledge to specific audiences so that it is easier to implement good cybersecurity practices for either small businesses themselves or for their outsourced IT suppliers. …we use AWS services to help with that knowledge base particularly in exploring the personalisation options available.